24 Jun

New Super Food To Fight COVID-19


New Super Food To Fight COVID-19: Thumbs Up To Spirulina Ground Nut Chikki
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For a viral disease like COVID-19, where no pharmacological strategies for prevention or treatment are presently available and where the exact time of the ending of the alarming situation is unknown, nutritional strategies for enhancing immunity is some-thing to be explored.

In addition to treating malnutrition and weight reduction in obese healthy subjects, in this review we have highlighted the potential preventive and therapeutic application of few vitamins, trace elements, several Nutraceuticals and probiotics.

In the current global context with limited movements, it is difficult to obtain a balanced and varied diet. Therefore, achieving recommended amounts of calories and micro nutrient will be a challenge and elective micro nutrient supplementation may be beneficial especially for vulnerable populations such as the elderly.

Several research studies recommended that Spirulina can be a potential and ideal candidate for conjugative or alternate therapy against disease treatments due to possible synergetic effect of many bioactive compounds present in the whole cell.

It has been demonstrated that the use of Spirulina and its extracts may significantly reduce cancer and viral diseases. Though, more research is needed to determine the usefulness of Spirulina against COVID 19 like killer diseases.

Scientists across the world and primarily in India, China, Japan, USA are studying this extraordinary superfood to unlock its full potential.

However, it is pretty clear from published research and in vivo clinical studies that Spirulina is safe natural superfood to be consumed for ideal health and wellness.

The multifunctional role of Spirulina components makes it an ideal natural remedy with massive prophylactic and therapeutic properties.

“Let your food be your medicine”. Hippocrates


spirulina covid research paper(PDF)
Algae A Potential Source to Prevent and Cure the Novel Coronavirus A review R SUNDERARAJ 2154(1) (PDF)