Spirulina Exporter

BLUE GREEN AGROTECH is a reputed spirulina exporter. The spirulina farm is in Chengam, located in Thiruvanamalai district, 39 km from the temple town of Tamil Nadu in India. It has an average elevation of 272 meters (892 feet). above sea level. The present farming is done in a total land area of 3 acres and it will be expanded to another 6 acres shortly. We have around 10 skilled labours and 15 casual labours working permanently in our farm. The present set up is partially mechanized and we will be converting it into fully mechanized farming during our expansion. We are currently producing 3 tons (dry weight) spirulina per month from our farm.
We are fully equipped and legally certified for producing, manufacturing, selling and exporting the spirulina in any form – spirulina powder, tablets, capsules etc.
The images are the facilities in our farm for cultivation of Spirulina in Tamilnadu, India.